Keeping up to date with different disciplines such as technology, lighting, new materials, new way of thinking, understanding the environment and how our consumer behavior impact on it, is what we love to do ! While designing we always have in mind to elaborate and show our concepts in an explanative way. We believe that design is not only a beautiful drawing, but a real thought, a materialized story that will help our client, his marketing and sales team to communicate better, to sell better, to enhance their customers experience and brand image. To increase the value of a project we are convinced that the design process must be involved at the earliest stage.


  From concepts to production, we deliver “Turn Key” projects to convert your vision into reality. We believe that the interiors should be considered as an awakening for the senses revealing the core identity of the brand and should transport the customers or users beyond the walls.


  Our products are all locally handcrafted and produced with the maximum attention to details. Local resources are a great pool of inspiration that cares in itself the seeds of tomorrow.


More than an union of its two founders names in a professional and private life, the studio is a common place where the competences and cultures are fusing to reach a wider application field and a broader vision in order to answer the “Glocal” (Global and Local) market expectations of the world citizens. Cultural differences are resulting into unique creative strength. The duality of our visions is bridging into unified ideas and shaping our projects from Product Design to Interior Design. We are aware of the energy, lightness, simplification challenges required to sustain / improve human life and we try as much as possible to include them in our creation process. We believe that Less is Better but also, building an enhanced future cannot be done by keeping the doors of the past closed. The cultural heritage must be carried forward in a functional, contemporary and essential way by observing our habits, expectations and dreams.


Triad Leds Lamps

A new ligth collection to create warm and stylish ambiances


Selben Studio Anthill Residence Giriş Kat B Kule No:6/O Şişli-Bomonti 34380 Istanbul Turkey

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We can help you achieve your dreams on various scales from project to construction.

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