Mirage Mirror

Material : CNC processed aluminum copper plated

Mirage is  part of the BARCODE SERIES PRODUCTS inspired by the work of the artist Asli Özok.

“Barcode” is a symbol that is usually completely valueless, consequently almost invisible yet equally indispensable in the acquisition process .

This mute yet powerful  symbol is one of the core elements of Asli Özok’s paintings therefore it become one of the main inspiration aspects of our common work with her.

Barcode series products are aiming to reveal the power of this mute symbol and turn it into objects that strongly affects and changes the ambience that they are placed in.

Mirage turns into a brand new painting at every new space it’s installed in, by adding a barcoded layer into the decor and gives the opportunity to its users to be the lead character of this interactive painting.

The Mirage is currently exhibited at Armaggan gallery.