The secrets OF Successful & SUSTAINABLE RETAIL

Vol. 1 / Retail


Learn the essential and keep your budget for the construction.

The ultimate guide to create successful and sustainable Interior Designs anywhere. (Digital English version only)

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About The Book

We’ve met so many small retails owners actually craving for some tips on how to create a successful retail yet denying the idea of collaborating with Interior Designer by fear of unnecessary time consuming process, by fear of high fee requirement, or in contrary being a little too brave by believing they will handle all by themselves.
The result is unfortunately painful to admit: an unsuccessful retail condemned to close much sooner than expected, and a dream terminated.
It is for us a real frustration to see these entrepreneurs opening, revising their interiors at a fast pace trying to elaborate what should have been thought earlier and closing their stores.

Eventually, we felt that we should help entrepreneurs like you, reaching your dreams without big budget nor uncontrollable time constraints ! We put down all together in the simplest and as comprehensible as possible way our experience and tips for you to start a successful and sustainable business by leveraging the potential of your physical space.

We also offer you a choice : you have the possibility to step into an ecofriendly path of doing business by following when possible our “Eco Tips”. What is good for you should also be good for Earth !

What’s inside


Validating the location

The “3L” rule’s real meaning


Your customers

Do you really know them ? 



Find your sweet spot


Designing your revenue machine

Strategic Layout & Customer Flow


Building your business character

Colors, Materials, Flooring, Ceiling, Wall, Lighting, Storefront, VM, Display, Fixture, Cashdesk, Digital Integration….


Benefits of sustainability

For You & your Business


Finding Inspiration

Learn where to look


Going beyond expectation

Assessing Brand power 


Whether you’re a shop owner re-starting from scratch, looking to do a partial or full retrofit, or add areas of accent, or a complete beginner planning to open retail but don’t know where to start.
Are you a career changer dreaming of leaving your daily 9-5 routine ? Are you taking your passion more seriously and trying to make a living out of it ? Giving a physical presence to complement your online ecommerce or simply decided to start a business with a physical store ?
You do not have the budget to hire a Retail Designer ?


Then this step by step starter guide is for you !


It will walk you through the essential knowledge you need in order to give the best survival chance to your physical business.

Many people assume that creating a retail business is as simple as renting a space, filling it with stuffs and waiting for the customers to step in and purchase whatever you are selling.

Unfortunately, the motivation is long gone and store closure’s coming soon when you realize that’s something is not right. Humm… too late !!

Surely much more risky than just testing your business online, giving physicality to your business, as we will see in the following pages, is most probably the greatest thing you can provide your customers with.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignore some rules that you can immediately implement to optimize your store’s performances and give all the chances for your business to succeed.

We will provide you with the fundamentals of retail space creation and this is what this guide is about.

Wheter you want to retrofit an existing retail space or create a complete new one, this guide will help small retail stores, in a very cost-effective way, to create the atmosphere they desire, within budget.

Opening or retrofitting a retail and giving physicality to your business is like giving birth to THE Character that represents your business.

We will walk you through this process to dress up your space with a Super Hero worthy suit !


Project Tools

Detachable Poject Kit

You’ll get all the Essential knowledge of Interior Architectural Design to drive your business on the path of success

Celine Gainsbourg Marketing Expert (Ex Account Manager)

«As we were opening a new store for one of my clients (a fashion jewelry brand) sensitive to eco-responsability, this step-by-step guide was of tremendous help!
First, it gave us the roadmap to create the best physical store within our budget: where and how to start. It provided us with some insightful ideas to optimize our client’s experience while being more eco-conscious.
Then, it allowed us to create proper brief and speak the same « language » with the architects and contractors.
This guide made us save so much time and avoid some potential issues along the road!”

Axelle Loichot, Watch & Jewelry Retail Expert at "Le sens du détail"

“The secrets of a successful Interior Design” is a great guide to everything there is to do and think about when starting a business or wanting to rethink the ergonomics of the store.
A real toolbox addressing all the themes of the point of sale’s layout with clear rules and pragmatic advices to improve store performances.
In addition, Selen and Benjamin’s Eco-friendly approach is fully in line with the need to make retail more responsible and respectful of our planet.
I will be delighted to collaborate with Selben Studio on future projects for the development of a Watch-Jewelery store.