When the jewelry retail brings awe and wonder

Jewelry expert and founder of Geneva-based consulting company Le Sens du Détail Axelle Loichot shared her views with Selben Studio on the future of jewelry shops. Through this conversation, they unveil some new concepts of retail that bring a twist into the existing scenery.


The User experience like a cultural visit

A visit to the jeweler’s shop is a wanderlust delight among bracelets, rings and necklaces. A salesperson will assist in putting on a few pieces, the customer may opt for one, pay and leave the boutique. This traditional routine may not survive long, as the retail industry is undergoing substantial and profound remodeling to make shopping a moment of wonder, amid changing habits of consumption. Online shopping has completely reshaped the old patterns: the consumer is a click away from safely and rapidly acquiring goods and services, 24/7. Physically going to a shop now bears a certain weight and significance, it embodies more than a simple flânerie. Sales teams ought to capitalize on these precious in-persons visits: inviting the customer to mesmerizing in-shop moments may be the cradle to spark a new form of customer experience.

Entertainment is key to connect and create marvel

The traditional, static codes that belong to sales have long lived and now fade, leaving an increasing space for a year round of entertaining events, taking place in the boutique, and that outline the shopping experience with highlights. It is over to simply “introduce SS collection” from a specific brand – sales team will rather “celebrate the sunny season” through a non-permanent, yet full reshuffling of the shop, refurbished with spring-themed decors and accessories, through inviting special guests and artists, or organizing jewelry-specific workshops open to customers. Turning the shop into a territory of wonders that sparkles into the customer’s eye lays a hotbed to create bonds and capitalize on clients’ loyalty. Turning a shop into an ever changing nest with a rich entertaining schedule provides valuable opportunities to attract customers, enhancing the user experience till the purchase, the ultimate purpose of staging a shop, becomes almost a detail. However, the customer will have lived a new form of incredible experience, to eventually leave the shop with a fine piece of jewelry.

Sales teams and designers may unleash their creativity to compose a 2.0 version of retail – all staging and opening to new topics, thus inviting customers turned into ‘visitors’ to join and participate. It is now encouraged to consider a shop like a proper venue or exhibition hall to accessorize it and enrich it with real, cultural-like contents. Customers are no longer coming to only buy jewels – they are eager to enlarge their culture or knowledge while visiting an exhibition on the history of the watchmaking, exchange viewpoints and expertise when attending a semi-precious gems event at night, taking place in the boutique – globally enjoying themselves in a beautifully space that inspires, creates emotions and connections beyond simple Sales.


A territory of perpetual motion

Static is out –  display cases that have always been there, muffled yet outdated plush carpet – when modularity is in, to allow a perpetual movement in shops’ spaces. When pushing the boutique’s door, surprise and awe should paint on clients’ faces immediately, prompting them further in to pursue a unique customer experience. A stroll that may change according to the season or topic, with staged mobile display cases on the way, tiny spaces with a warm atmosphere – cozy nooks, jewel bars, music corners – creativity will guide a consistent project that mixes entertainment with the shop’s core values and identity. The location of these spaces within the boutique may change, subject to the events schedule. It’s actually a thorough scenographer’s work that will enable the current boutique to become a real stage, open to accommodate dreamlike universes while respecting the essential rules about safety and flow. Switching shop managers minds and begin to consider the boutique like a playground, open to experiments enables a more effective staging of the user experience – an arena with its own changing atmospheres. The ultimate target: amaze the customers, increase the excitement, and trigger more visits.


An ephemeral costume

Shop managers do not need to own a rich collection of decors, kept behind the curtains and waiting to premiere. However, a wise choice about the boutique furniture and related equipment will embrace modularity as a main characteristic. Beyond undisputed functional aspects of the equipment, one may opt for neutral pieces – cabinets, display cases – because of their capacity to wear disguise, either dashing colors, glam and sequined accessories, or poetic hues that accommodate the trending topic. Temporary signs, disposable props and accessories that may be moved and removed are spot on – the boutique is a nest that nurtures connections, shared moments – ultimately, a place to trade, its genuine purpose.


Digital everywhere, all the time

The physical vs. digital debate is no longer relevant, especially in times of health crises when consumers use online resources to gather information prior to completing their purchases. They will come to a physical shop to experience a unique moment that cannot be replicated onscreen.

Nowadays, online contents (website, app) are a trustworthy relay of what’s going on in the boutique, their role is to encourage a visit to the shop, where the magic happens, or continue and extend a past, amazing visit there. Shop-specific atmospheres, a large display of attractive information and products shall reflect the shop’s mood and be updated according to the events calendar. Restrictions due to the current health crisis may also be an opportunity to open a new chapter in customer relations, thanks to the added value of digital and physical: jewelers can still remotely connect with their clients’ base through appealing digital tools, an alternate way to keep the spark alive – and possibly sketching the future of physical boutiques and shops.



Shaking the old retail habits in the jewelry industry can only be achieved and successful with the setup and support of an events calendar, consistent with the brand image and values. Bringing entertainment to a new generation of boutiques also opens the door to a panel of new bold brands and craftsmen, and their daring jewelry pieces. Earrings from established houses pair up with necklaces from young blood designers in your display: innovative choices, alongside a refreshing, inviting atmosphere at the jeweler’s is key to boost sales and reputation – when it was anything – but modern.