As creators, we are aware of our responsibility and our decisions impact towards nature.
That is why we are uncompromising on beauty but also on the environment.


Selben Studio accompany you with adapted solutions leveraging to the maximum your space potential and turn it into a successful and exceptional living or merchandising environment.

We design inspired retail, office, hospitality or private spaces and create unique living experiences for those who seek creativity and sustainable solutions.


Selben Studio provides design solution for private and professional requests. We equally design and edit our own products  to turn your surroundings into special ones.

Istanbul area is an amazing source of inspiration and production ressources. So, whatever we produce, it’s made by our local community while supporting them.

For any customization request please contact us.

Nothing is isolated, and successful design relies on it’s context. We believe that creating coherency through your business touch points, within your space or products line increases experience enjoyment and your performances beyond expectations.


Corporate Gifts

We offer subtle customization on some of our products to turn our designs into very special gifts for your company.

Brand Identity

With no voice it’s difficult for a business to express itself and be impactful.

We work with you upstream to create, refine or shape your business character.

Marketing Strategy

How do you get from here to there ?

Action for action’s sake often leads nowhere !

We collaborate with experts that can define with you the overall goals and then work backward to develop your strategy.

How can we help you ?

Let us know a little more about what you’d like to achieve

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